Spring Lawn Care Tips For A Better Summer

Tackling spring lawn care provides a just-right dose of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise—and sets your lawn on its way to season-long glory. Spring lawn chores aren’t difficult, but they do play a vital role in getting your grass on track for a healthy, productive growing season. Here are some tips to help make your […]

Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Lawn care season is here, and we want to make sure you stay SAFE when tending to your lawn all season long. Even if you’ve been mowing injury-free for decades, we have some safety tips that you may have never thought of, tips to help continue mowing injury-free for decades to come. 1 .Wear Proper […]

Towing a Trailer?

[st_button button_text=”SHOP TRAILERS NOW” button_type_url=”https://forestandlawn.ca/trailers/” ][/st_button] [st_row][st_column][st_text el_title=””]This chapter tells you what you need to know to tow a trailer behind a car, van or small truck in Ontario. This includes licence and registration requirements, trailer size and characteristics, as well as safety tips to follow when towing a trailer. Before you attempt to tow […]

How to Winterize Your Lawn Equipment

[st_button button_text=”SHOP LAWN EQUIPMENT NOW” button_type_url=”https://forestandlawn.ca/lawn-mowers/” ][/st_button] [st_row][st_column][st_text el_title=””]Have you winterized your outdoor power equipment? Taking a few simple steps before storing your gas-powered tools for the winter will ensure a hassle-free start next spring. It will also extend the life of your small gasoline engines. Your outdoor power equipment will last for many years […]

Winter Lawn Care Tips for a Better Spring

The winter is when you spend the least amount of time thinking of your lawn. Unless you live in an area that is relatively warm all year long, chances are you have put the lawn mower away and are ready for a few months of relaxation before you have to start the lawn maintenance routine […]